Material of Rivets

Material of Rivets:

          The material of the rivets must be tough and ductile. They are usually made of steel (low carbon steel or nickel steel), brass, aluminium or copper, but when strength and a fluid tight joint is the main consideration, then the steel rivets are used.
The rivets for general purposes shall be manufactured from steel conforming to the following
Indian Standards :
(a) IS : 1148–1982 (Reaffirmed 1992) – Specification for hot rolled rivet bars (up to 40 mm
diameter) for structural purposes; or
(b) IS : 1149–1982 (Reaffirmed 1992) – Specification for high tensile steel rivet bars for
structural purposes.
The rivets for boiler work shall be manufactured from material conforming to IS : 1990 – 1973
(Reaffirmed 1992) – Specification for steel rivets and stay bars for boilers.

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