Welding is the process of joining two metals either those metals are similar or dissimilar, with or without the application of pressure and with or without the use of filler metal.


          In is the property of metal which indicates the ease with which two similar or dissimilar metals are joint together.

Advantages of welding:

1. Strength is more.

2. Takes less time.

3. Weight of welding joints is less.

4. Smooth appearance.

5. Less wastage of material.

6. Efficiency is Maximum which not possible in other types of joints.

7. Complicated shape can be easily welded.

8. It can be done at any point of structure.

Disadvantages of welding:

1. Skilled workers are required.

2. It is permanent joint.

3. Jigs and fixtures are required.

4. Preparation of edges.

5. Personal protective equipments.

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