1.Showel: It consists of iron pan with a wooden handle. It can be used for mixing and conditioning the sand.


2. Trowels: These are used for finishing flat surfaces and comers inside a mould. Common shapes of trowels are shown as under. They are made of iron with a wooden handle.



3. Lifter: A lifter is a finishing tool used for repairing the mould and finishing the mould sand. Lifter is also used for removing loose sand from mould.



4. Hand riddle: It is used for ridding of sand to remove foreign material from it. It consists of a wooden frame fitted with a screen of standard wire mesh at the bottom.


5.Strike off bar: It is a flat bar, made of wood or iron to strike off the excess sand from the top of a box after ramming.
     Its one edge made beveled and the surface perfectly smooth and plane.



6. Vent wire: It is a thin steel rod or wire carrying a pointed edge at one end and a wooden handle or a bent loop at the other. After ramming and striking off the excess sand it is used to make small holes, called vents, in the sand mould to allow the exit of gases and steam during casting.



7. Rammers: Rammers are used for striking the sand mass in the moulding box to pack it closely around one pattern. Common types of rammers are shown as under.


8. Swab: It is a hemp fiber brush used for moistening the edges of sand mould, which are in contact with the pattern surface, before withdrawing the pattern. It is also used for coating the liquid blacking on the mould faces in dry sand moulds.
9. Sprue pin: It is a tapered rod of wood or iron, which is embedded in the sand and later withdrawn to produce a hole, called runner, through which the molten metal is poured into the mould.
10. Sprue cutter: It is also used for the same purpose as a sprue pin, but there is a marked difference between their use in that the cutter is used to produce the hole after ramming the mould. It is in the form of a tapered hollow tube, which is inserted in the sand to produce the hole.


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