Advantages and disadvantagesof die casting

Advantages of die casting are :
1) It requires less floor space as compared to other casting processes.
2) Rate of production is high. 75 to 150 casts per hour in cold chamber and 300 to 350 casts per hour in hot
chamber process.
3) Die casting dies retain their accuracy for a very long time.
4) Very thin sections can be cast and holes upto minimum of 1.6 mm diameter can be easily cored.
5) High surface finish is obtained and often no further finishing is required.
6) Cost per unit is minimum hence economical.

Disadvantages of die casting are :
1) All metals and alloys can not be cast.
2) The cost of machines, dies and other equipment used is high.
3) Not economical for small quantity production.
4) Heavy casting cannot be cast.
5) Special precautions are necessary for evacuation of air from die cavity, otherwise cause porosity.

One thought on “Advantages and disadvantagesof die casting

  1. As long as quantities are high, die casting is usually the most economical. That’s often the deciding factor in industry.

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